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When a disaster strikes, residents of Glen Cove, NY should not assume their electronics are ruined.

No matter if you’ve recently discovered trace amounts of mold in your home or suffered from extensive flooding and water damage, Disaster Response is here to bring your electronics back to life. At Disaster Response, we have years of experience helping home and business owners in Glen Cove, NY recover information on their electronics. Even if we cannot get your electronics back to 100 percent, we’ll make every effort to get them to the point that you can pull pictures, documents, and other sensitive information from the hard drive. 

We have technicians on staff who are our resident electronic restoration experts. They specialize in treating damaged electronics. They understand how delicate these situations may be and how essential it is that they remove the information from the hard drive. They utilize the latest technological restoration innovations and equipment. 

Our electronics restoration services are just one example of how we seek to serve and protect home and business owners in the wake of a disaster. When coupled with our water, fire, and mold remediation services, our electronics restoration services help to provide complete rehabilitation from any catastrophe. We’ll work quickly and diligently to return your building to pre-disaster levels. We pride ourselves on customer service and believe it sets us apart. 

Why Choose Disaster Response?

We Can Fix 

Our experts are well trained and can help restore a wide array of electronics. And, just because it’s not on the list below doesn’t mean they won’t do everything in their power to fix it! 

  • Compact and laser discs
  • Data and medical records 
  • Magnetic media
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Cell Phones 

At Disaster Response, we understand the initial shock factor from which you may suffer when you realize that your expensive electronic equipment may be ruined. That’s why our team of experts will work closely with you to return your electronics to operational levels. Our team in Glen Cove, NY recognizes the monetary value of all of your critical electronic equipment. We’ll go out of our way to advocate for you to your insurance company by providing line-item claims indicating how much it cost to restore your media.

Professional Disaster Restoration team in Glen Cove, NY

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Our Technologies

Ultrasound Cleaning

Our ultrasound-cleaning tool comes with chemicals specially engineered to help clean electronics equipment that’s suffered from fire, soot, smoke, water, or mold damage. Additionally, our experts are very well trained with how to use the ultrasound machine. Ultrasound cleaning is the most effective method available when it comes to restoring electronics.

Desiccant Drying

Essentially a large dehumidifier, our desiccant dryers will suck the moisture out of the air. This is critical, as we need to ensure that every drop of moisture is removed from your electronic equipment before we begin working on it. Desiccant dehumidifiers create a dry environment with humidity levels below five percent.


What Our Client’s


God bless each of you and your company. We were impressed by the professionalism of your employees’ demeanor. They were very polite and helpful (and patient regarding our many questions).

Margaret H.

They always dealt with the situation immediately! Every time I called the Disaster Response to speak with Ryan or anyone else, they always dealt with the situation immediately or quickly got back with a response

Brett F.

Ryan and his crew were phenomenal! They helped us get back to normal as quickly as possible. They were professional, here on time every morning, and cleaned up behind themselves daily until the job was complete.

Goldie J.

The best Disaster Response team around! Very helpful and caring with your emergency clean up needs. They go above and beyond to take care of your fire, water, smoke, and mold damage.

Gregory R.

Woke up to flooded basement at my home in Caledonia, MI and called Disaster Response. They were able to come out right away in the morning and take a look at everything. They are definitely a great company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone!

Mike B.

Ryan Penny and Disaster Response went above and beyond. When my basement flooded, Ryan came over within an hour... His crew was there the next morning and they provided exceptional, reliable and expert service.

Amy R.
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