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If you come across water damage in your Walker, MI property, it’s critical that you act swiftly to avoid future repercussions. Failure to react to water damage could drive up your long-term costs, as you’ll then have to address things such as mold and the structural integrity of your home. The biggest mistake we see is from people who assume water is “just water.”

Why Choose Disaster Response?

What We Fix


Depending on how much water enters your home or business, the structural integrity of the walls could be in question. We’ll evaluate the situation and replace damaged materials.


It’s imperative that you take the time to ensure your floors dry correctly. Otherwise, water could be trapped, and you’ll deal with mold damage down the road.


Just because a rug has suffered water damage does not mean you need to throw it away. We’ll work to salvage your rugs and carpets.


Furniture is incredibly costly. Instead of throwing it away and spending significant money to replace your furniture, we can repair and restore it.

4 Things You Must Do to Prevent Mold After Flooding

1. Moisture meter- all materials affected by the flood should be evaluated for their moisture content. 

2. Always use a heavy weighted extraction toolto remove all water from carpet, so not a shop vac.

3. Evaluate the area for dehumidification.Refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifier. Refrigerant works 68 and 72 degrees whereas the desiccant works for all temperatures outside of that.

4. Set the Dry Plan- Your contractor will inspect to determine to the source of the water intrusion i.e. sewage or health hazards and then set a dry plan.

5. Sanitizing.Your contractor will inspect to determine to the source of the water intrusion i.e. sewage or health hazards and then set a dry plan. Ensure all salvageable items have been sanitized thoroughly and any sewage related items have been removed. 

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What Makes Us Different?


Damage restoration is an investment in your home, considering that it could cut down on your long-term costs. The best part? Insurance companies pay for our services so that you don’t have to.


Once you call our team, we’ll begin working to assess what caused the water damage and how bad the situation is. We’ll then dispatch a team of experts to your location.


Each member of our team has extensive experience, training, and certifications dealing with water damage. We care about our customers and pay attention to detail so that mold is not an issue down the road.


At Disaster Response, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art water damage equipment; including inspection tools that help us ensure we’ve removed every drop of water. Our technicians have hours of training with the machines.


We have helped solve water damage disasters for more than 20 years, streamlining our process along the way. We can provide fast results and find hidden damages that others may miss. We’ll document everything for your insurance company as well.

Reliable Network in Walker, MI

We’re not afraid to call outside help if need be. We have an extensive network of industry professionals who are on call to assist in their areas of expertise. We also deal with insurance professionals who help with the claim process.

Technologies We use for Asssessing and Repairing Water Damage

Infrared Camera

Our infrared cameras are like “X-ray” vision, allowing us to see moisture in walls and ceilings that the naked eye cannot see. This will enable us to see trapped and hidden humidity, which allows us to eliminate the chances of mold growth.

Moisture Meter

Our Moisture Meter allows us to measure moisture levels in cellulose material. We’ll conduct moisture readers both before and after the dry plan in all areas of your property. If we find moisture in an unaffected area of your structure, we’ll work to dry it quickly.

Air Mover

This equipment works in conjuncture with our dehumidifier. Our dehumidifier pulls moisture from the air and converts it to a liquid, where we can then dump it. Our Air Mover helps to get the moisture airborne so that the dehumidifier can withdraw it.

Ozone Generator

This high-tech piece of equipment allows us to clean damaged surfaces and the air like never before. Essentially, this machine causes oxygen molecules to implode, which proves to be a useful deodorization tool. We’ll use every tool available to help restore your home.

Xtreme Xtractor

When it comes to removing stubborn moisture post-water damage, this tool does the trick. It allows us to place direct downward pressure on a surface, such as a carpet, that may have absorbed water. The pressure causes the water to rise, making it easier to remove.


What Our Client’s


God bless each of you and your company. We were impressed by the professionalism of your employees’ demeanor. They were very polite and helpful (and patient regarding our many questions).

Margaret H.

They always dealt with the situation immediately! Every time I called the Disaster Response to speak with Ryan or anyone else, they always dealt with the situation immediately or quickly got back with a response

Brett F.

Ryan and his crew were phenomenal! They helped us get back to normal as quickly as possible. They were professional, here on time every morning, and cleaned up behind themselves daily until the job was complete.

Goldie J.

The best Disaster Response team around! Very helpful and caring with your emergency clean up needs. They go above and beyond to take care of your fire, water, smoke, and mold damage.

Gregory R.

Woke up to flooded basement at my home in Caledonia, MI and called Disaster Response. They were able to come out right away in the morning and take a look at everything. They are definitely a great company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone!

Mike B.

Ryan Penny and Disaster Response went above and beyond. When my basement flooded, Ryan came over within an hour... His crew was there the next morning and they provided exceptional, reliable and expert service.

Amy R.
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